Membership and benefits

While all staff at UNOG are nominally members of the Coordinating Council, as a union we depend on your member contributions. By becoming a dues-paying member, not only are you taking a real stake in your union, you are also showing your solidarity to the the cause of staff rights.

The UNOG Staff Coordinating Council defends your rights as a staff member of the UN. Your Council makes sure that UN Administration pays attention to the issues that matter to you: mobility, security, salaries, etc.

Think of paying your monthly subscription of CHF 10 by automatic deduction from your salary. All you have to do is fill in this form and return it to the Council (room C-527), where it will be forwarded to the payroll office.

Thank you.

With your membership card you get the following benefits:

  • Staff Gala (free refreshments)
  • Children’s party (your kids attend for free)
  • Interagency Sports Games (your participation is subsidized)
  • Legal assistance (access to legal assistance from the Council)
  • For sale / For rent advertisement (free publication of ads)
  • SAFI (extra days of 13% discount)
  • Clubs: if you are a member of a club with 15 dues paying members, your club becomes eligible to receive an annual grant from the Council.
  • Special discounts: see our partners' offers below. 

Click here to download our registration form

Offers negotiated by the Staff Coordinating Council for all UN staff members

L'assiette genevoise    

Nouvelle carte valable jusqu'au 31 mars 2019 ( + de 150 restaurants dont + de 45 nouveaux ! ) et vous avez un tarif spécial de CHF 78.- au lieu de CHF 90.- !

Bénéficiez également de 50 % sur des prestations de beauté (coiffeurs, spas, balnéothérapie…) et sur vos sorties (musées, concerts, théâtres, salles de spectacles...).

Pour obtenir la carte, veuillez télécharger le formulaire et contacter l'assiette genevoise.

Retrouvez tous les restaurants et loisirs sur

Apple Store discounts    

  •  Mac : 7%
  • iPad / iPhone / Apple Watch : 4%
  • Accessoires : 10%

(Certains produits ou accessoires ne sont pas éligibles aux rabais entreprise: AirPods, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch Hermès. De même, les nouveaux produits sont rarement éligibles directement aux rabais entreprises.)

Zurich insurance

20% discount on standard rates for civil responsibility and auto insurance ("casco" and occupants).
(This offer was particularly negotiated by GPAFI and requires you to have a GPAFI membership. Please contact GPAFI for further details)

TechLabs Summer Camps

TechLabs Summer Camps Flash 20% off!

4 Science and Technology summer camp programs for kids from 8-16 – Robots, Flight, Rockets and DIY Toys.

During our weeks 1,3,4 we are offering 20% discount to all UN families.

If we arrive at 50 kids we will automatically discount all families 30% (instead of 20%).

Offer good until: May 31st, 2018. 

See program listing details here and Signup.

Intersoccer Summer Camps

InterSoccer has Autumn Holiday Football Camps for Boys-Girls of all abilities 3-13yrs running mornings only and full day. 10% discount for company employees with code: COMPANY10.

Camps run in the following locations week 22 October, possible to book 1-5 days, early drop off also possible:

  • Bout du Monde, Vessy, Geneva
  • Varembe (nr Nations)
  • Geneva English School, Genthod 

Great qualified coaches, great fun coaching & lots of small-sided matches for all.

All info & to book online at


Chemin Du Petit-Saconnex 2
1209 Pettit-Sacconex

Silhouette Gym

6 months: 609.- + 99.- subscription fees (instead of 759.-).

12 months: 899.- + 99.- subscrip9on fees (instead of 1199.-).

 Your first training for free!

Silhouette PURE

 1 year: CHF 1500 instead of CHF 1700 + CHF 300 Pure Private Pass.

Curves  Conditions spéciales personnel des Nations Unies et leurs conjointes*

Frais d’adhésion offerts de 299.- sur :

Abonnement annuel : 104.- x 12 mois (paiement au mois par LSV + 1 mois offert soit 13 mois

Abonnement annuel : 1123.- (au lieu de CHF 1248.-) paiement en une fois + 1 mois offert soit 13 mois

*Offre applicable lors d’une première inscription d’un minimum de 12 mois. Offre réservée aux nouvelles adhérentes. Non cumulable avec d’autres offres. Valable uniquement dans les centres Carouge, Charilles, Thonex.

Pharmacie Populaire

10% discount on all products without prescription/promotion.


10% discount (go to

Ardentis cliniques dentaires

10% discount on all their dental services.

Sport Quest         Av. Henry Dunant 13, 1205 Genève

Offre corporate: 12 mois CHF 1690.-, 6 mois CHF 950.-, 3 mois CHF 490.-.

Abonnement south : carte de 10 entrées (valable 6 mois), au prix de : CHF 350.- (au lieu de CHF 390.-)

Pour plus d'informations, contactez Mme. Sara Forestier au 079 290 6618,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EVO fitness gym

Monthly fee reduced to CHF 69 per month.

"Eternity" Institute, Geneva

Rue de la Poterie 1, 1202 Genève   Tel. 022-344-3636
Clinique de Champel (2ème et.), Rue Firmin Massot 1, 1206 Genève   Tel : 077 511 77 76
Lausanne, Rue du Dr. César Roux 28- 1005 Lausanne   Tel. 021-320-7272
20% discount on all treatments.

AESTHETICS Plastic surgery & aesthetic medicine

10% discount on laser treatments and a free first consultation with the cosmetologist.

Léman Pneus Nyon

20% to 60% discount depending on the brand.

MyColorPhone Online Smartphone Store

10% discount on repair of smartphones and other services.

Matelas TEMPUR   1, Rue de la Rôtisserie   1204 Genève

10% discount for all UN staff on mattresses, box springs, bed frames and pillows.

Easycycle   Av. d'Aïre 52   1203 Genève

10% discount on all bicycles.

Sold-Sports    Rue Cardinal-Mermillod 50   1227 Carouge

10% discount on all bicycles.

Peugeot-ByMyCar Acacias Sa Rue Boissonnas 11, 1227 Carouge


Rabais sur commandeusine







308 Gti


308 Berline / SW






508 RXH / Hybrid4


508 Berline / SW





Exclusive offers for dues-paying members of the Staff Coordinating Council (upon presentation of your membership card)


10% discount voucher + 10% discount in CHF 100 gift cards (ask the Council)

PAYOT librairie

10% discount vouchers (ask the Council)


16% discount for UN staff members (ask the Council)