Positive developments with the education grant

As you may know the Swiss cantons recently harmonized their education practices. Under a system called Harmos all children residing in the Canton of Geneva who reach the age of four by 31 July are required to enroll in primary school the following August.


However, as the UN education grant is only applicable to children from the age of five, we decided last April to bring this situation to the attention of the International Civil Service Commission in New York. They considered it at their meeting in July and recommended that given the local legal requirements in the Canton of Geneva, an exception could be made, enabling children here to be covered by the education grant from the age of four. This recommendation was approved by the General Assembly in December. The modalities of its implementation will shortly be communicated by the UNOG Division of Administration.

We take this opportunity to thank those colleagues who made us aware of this situation. Likewise, if you encounter any problem related to your conditions of work, please let us know.