New policy on renewal of fixed-term appointments

We would like to draw your attention to a new administrative instruction on fixed term appointments, which has just been promulgated as a result of staff-management negotiations. 


This instruction sets out a framework for a renewal of fixed-term appointments, under which the first appointment is normally for one year, followed by appointments of two years each. After five years of service, those staff who do not obtain a continuing appointment because of the limited number available, can obtain a five-year fixed-term appointment. 

This 1-2-2-5 framework is of course subject to certain caveats and conditions, but for the first time provides managers with a set of common standards across the United Nations and across Geneva.

With regards to continuing appointments, the Council has already expressed its concern to management on the two-year delay and will be taking a strong line on this matter at the upcoming staff-management negotiations next month.

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