Update on mobility

We would like to update you on the progress of the Secretary-General's mobility proposals (on which we were not consulted).

Please find here an advanced copy of a report prepared by advisory body to the General Assembly called the ACABQ. While the General Assembly makes the final decision, it tends to endorse ACABQ's recommendations to a significant extent. Please note that we provided a number of inputs to ACABQ's deliberations.


In summary, the report has pretty much eviscerated the Secretary-General's proposal, with cost being the main reason. In its place, it has proposed the following changes to the current staff selection system:

  • One geographic move will be required to apply to P-5 posts, except for those who joined the UN at P-4. For job networks with more than 50 percent of posts in the field, prior service in field locations will also be required. For field-based job networks there may also be further requirements to get to D-1 and above. Current P-4 staff who have accomplished two lateral moves and can apply to P-5 jobs today will retain that right for 4 years even if they haven't any geographic moves;
  • final selection will be by job network boards for P-1 to D-1 and Senior Review Board for D-2s, with inputs from hiring managers.

Whatever the General Assembly's decision there will be many details to work out and there is still much further to go to ensure the interests of Geneva staff are taken on board. It is for this reason that we reiterate the importance of staff having the right to be able to negotiate with management on these important points.

We will continue to keep you updated on this important development.