Open Day for golf and tennis initiation - 24 June 2017 | Journée Portes ouvertes (initiation au golf et au tennis) - 24 juin 2017

This Saturday 24 June from 3 to 6 p.m. there will be an initiation session of golf and tennis at the International Tennis Club (ITC), located just in front of the US Mission, in collaboration  with the International Golf Club (IGC).

You will have the chance to try your hand at tennis and/or work on your golf swing. This session will be open to staff of the UN, other International Organizations, and the diplomatic missions in Geneva.

Golf (Guy) and tennis (Cesar) professionals will be there to show you the basics; equipment will be available, nevertheless bring your own equipment if you would like an opinion from the Pros on its suitability for you.

Just come and walk in, information will be delivered on site.