Important improvements to the UN Beach Club | Améliorations importantes du Club de la Plage de l'ONU

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With a hot summer ahead, we would like to update you on improvements to the UN Beach Club. As you may know, the club was recently placed under the direct management of the Staff Council and UNOG Administration following questions raised about its past management.

The club is a unique facility, open to you, your families and friends. Information on entry fees and on how to become a member for the season are at the end of the email.

Changes and improvements since the takeover:


  • A new caterer is now running the restaurant following significant complaints last year. The menu is here. Reservations are at: 022 731 6829. Service and food have been upgraded and a number of evening events are planned.
  • A new bar has been set up by the changing rooms, allowing you to buy drinks without going to the restaurant.
  • A pétanque pitch has been created.
  • The paddle boards, many of which were in a poor state, have been repaired.
  • Payment at the entrance is by debit and credit card only in order prevent cash leakage. This means you can also purchase memberships directly on the door.
  • The paddle boards and pedalos are now available to members only and will no longer be rented out.
  • Summer sailing courses for children are being planned and will shortly be announced. Likewise sunset cruises for adults will shortly be announced.
  • New Italian-style sun loungers are being purchased.
  • All guards have now received first aid training.
  • The entrance to the club has been improved and shelter provided for the guards.
  • New fencing has been put in to prevent unauthorized access.

We are investigating new safety features:

  • A CCTV system.
  • The installation of a defibrillator.

 A number of steps have also been taken to clean up the internal management of the club. This includes an inventory of all stored boats and kayaks in the premises, and a cleanup of the membership database. Further and following a review, the guards’ contracts are now compliant with Swiss law.

Entry to the club is restricted to those carrying a badge issued by an international organization in Geneva (staff, consultants, interns, diplomats, journalists etc.), as well as those accompanying them. The badge or carte de légitimation must be presented at the entrance.

Entry is CHF 5, reduced to CHF 2 for those only coming for lunch or dinner during the week. Entry is free for interns. Seasonal membership can also be purchased at the entrance, allowing unlimited entry and use of paddle boards and pedalos, and access to other facilities. More information on entry fees and membership options is here.

We welcome your ideas as we take further steps to improve this unique facility.