Annual report sets out Council's key achievements in the last year

The Council has published its annual report. The report, presented at the Ordinary General Assembly, explains how the Council:

  • Took the lead to get continuing appointments approved for implementation in 2011.
  • Pushed to accelerate the one-time conversion to permanent contracts from three years to one year.
  • Ensured that short-term staff with over two years of service were given special fixed-term appointments.
  • Undertook a moblization campaign to ensure participation in the cost-of-living survey.
  • Contributed 50,000 CHF to staff legal defence, 30,000 CHF to the staff benevolent fund and 10,000 CHF to the Fund for special equipment for disabled staff.
  • Regularised the situation of SAFI, ensuring it stays at the Palais, continues its mission, maintains ownership by staff and continues to provide welfare to staff.
  • Is putting in place a roadmap and resources to establish a creche in the next two years.
  • Took an active role in negotiating with management through the Staff-Management Consultative Committee, the Joint Negotiating Committee and via membership of CCISUA through the International Civil Service Commission.
  • Organized the staff and children's parties.

The report is accessed here.