Petition to replace the CEO of the UN Pension Fund

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Staff retiring from UN organizations must now wait six months before receiving their first pension payment, putting thousands in financial penury. This is largely due to the calamitous implementation of a new IT system at the UN joint staff pension fund.

Its CEO, Sergio Arvizu has since last summer refused to acknowledge the severity of the problem nor propose adequate steps to deal with it. He has variously blamed other organizations and his own staff for the delays, without taking any responsibility for the suffering of retirees. He also ignored advice that could have prevented the crisis in the first place. 


How to access mediation to solve conflict in your work unit | La médiation pour résoudre les conflits sur le lieu du travail

Dear colleagues,

The UNOG Staff Coordinating Council, in collaboration with the Office of the Ombudsman & Mediation Services, is pleased to invite you to a townhall on how you can use the mediation service to solve conflicts in your work unit


Survey on reforming parental leave for a modern workplace

Following requests from many of you, we have been working with the other staff unions of the UN to modernize the current regime of parental leave (four months for mothers and one month for fathers). The aim is to revisit rules on when maternity leave starts in case of prenatal leave for sickness, provide for greater flexibility between genders with regards to responsibilities for primary caregivers, and reflect the needs of non-traditional relationships.

A survey has been created by our federation and we would be grateful if you could provide your thoughts and comments by following this link. An example of the rules on parental leave at the Global Fund, a more recently established institution, is attached.

Your answers will help provide policy proposals to the Staff-Management Committee and the International Civil Service Commission.

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Staff unions propose actions to resolve pension fund crisis | Les syndicats du personnel proposent des actions pour résoudre la crise du fonds de pension

As you are aware, the UN pension fund recently installed a new IT system called iPAS. Its unsuccessful implementation has resulted in staff retiring from Geneva having to wait between 6 and 7 months before receiving their first pension payment. Some have had to mortgage their house to make ends meet.

The federations of UN staff unions met in Paris yesterday to discuss the matter. We have since sent this letter to the heads of organizations and the board of the pension fund. The letter proposes concrete steps to resolve the crisis, now and for the future. 

The letter also calls on the board of the pension fund to hold an extraordinary meeting to work out a solution to this matter. So far the board has resisted holding such a meeting despite being aware of the problem for months.

We will keep you updated on how this evolves.

Attached documents
Download this file (LetterPensionFundDelays.pdf)LetterPensionFundDelays.pdf


Survey on an implementation date for retirement at 65 | Enquête sur le départ à la retraite à 65

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of our efforts, the General Assembly agreed that no later than 1 January 2018, staff on board can choose to retire at 65. However, would you like management to give you the opportunity to decide on your retirement age at an earlier date and not wait until 1 January 2018? The staff unions of the UN would like to know your opinion so that we can prepare our position at the upcoming meeting of the Staff-Management Committee.


Call for Applications - UN Special Deputy Editor | Appel à candidature - Editeur en chef adjoint du UN Special

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking for a Deputy Editor to assist the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, Alex Mejia, produce a renewed staff-centered magazine.


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