Townhall this Thursday on ILOAT judgement on Geneva pay cut | Réunion générale jeudi sur le jugement du TAOIT sur les coupes salariales

This Wednesday the ILO Administrative Tribunal will deliver its judgement on the Geneva pay cut. This judgement will directly apply to staff of the specialized agencies. However, even though our cases are currently being considered at the UN Dispute Tribunal, following hearings last October, we believe this judgement could influence the overall outcome.

To this end, we will be communicating the judgement and holding a townhall to hear your views and discuss our next steps. The townhall will take place on Thursday 4 July at 1.30 p.m. in Room 22.

For more information about the legal process, please see our earlier broadcast on the subject.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


Afro-Cuban and « Salsa con Afro » Summer dance lessons on 9 July | Cours d'été de danse Afro-Cubaine et « Salsa con Afro » le 9 juillet


The UN Dance Club is please to bring you two Afro-Cuban dance & "Salsa con Afro" lessons on 9 July, taught by our experienced instructor Alexandre.

Alexander studied salsa, bachata, son, rumba & afro-Cuban classes in France and Havana and has been teaching for seven years in Paris, Dijon & Lyon. He also participates in international shows, including as part of Afro-Cuban dancing companies.

The two lessons are as follows:

12 to 12.50 p.m.: introduction to Afro-Cuban dance (open level)

1 to 1.50 p.m.: Salsa con Afro (intermediate level)

Price: CHF 20 per lesson but CHF 35 for both. Payment cash 10 minutes before the class.

We recommend doing both unless you have taken afro classes & that you have an intermediate level in salsa. As we have limited places, please book your place here: 

There will also be three slots available for private lessons of salsa, bachata or afro with Alexandre, tailored to your level.  If you are interested please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +33-606-87-00-86 for details on the times available and the price.

The locations will be confirmed after registration.


Please read this before you answer the ICSC global staff survey designed to affect your pay, benefits and allowances!

The staff federations have received numerous requests from staff seeking guidance relative to the ICSC global staff survey on the UN compensation package.  If you have not already received the survey you will via an email from your respective organization inviting you to participate therein.

In respect of implementation of the new compensation package, the UN General Assembly in its Resolution A/RES/70/244 invited the Commission to report back to the GA’s 71st session with a progress report on the implementation as well as related findings of a global staff survey on conditions of service.  As with a similar survey in 2013, it would be the intention to use the survey results to guide the ICSC and GA in making adjustments to your salary and benefits.

Your answers will therefore impact your overall pay.

The staff federations had requested the ICSC Secretariat representatives responsible for this survey to provide the questions prior to the survey’s publication, for consultation purposes. Regrettably, the ICSC Secretariat did not accept the federations’ request, and the organizations are proceeding with the publication of the survey.

Having received concerns from staff about some of the questions, their phrasing and how the answers may be used given experience with the survey in 2013, the staff federations have jointly prepared the below guidance. Based on these staff concerns as well as experiences with how the ICSC has functioned in the past, you may find the below analysis of certain sensitive questions in the survey to be useful as you fill it in. The federations have informed the ICSC that they will be broadcasting this analysis.

Since its implementation in 2016 many of you have conveyed to us your concerns with the new compensation package. Now is your opportunity to submit those concerns directly to the ICSC on an anonymous basis.


Guidance on the 2019 ICSC global staff survey


UN Music Club at the fête de la musique | Le Club de musique de l’ONU à la fête de la musique

The chamber choir (four singers and a pianist) of the UN Music Club will take part in the fête de la musique performing in Auditoire Calvin (Place de la Taconnerie in Geneva) this Saturday 22 June at 8 p.m.

They shall sing one quartet, one trio, some duets and solos, accompanied by the piano and in five different languages.

You are most welcome to join us!


Le quatuor vocal du Club de musique des Nations Unies (quatre chanteurs et un pianiste) vous propose un concert dans le cadre de la fête de la musique à l'auditoire Calvin (Place de la Taconnerie à Genève), le samedi 22 juin à 20 heures.

Ils chanteront des pièces à quatre, trois et deux voix ainsi que des solos, avec piano et en cinq langues différentes.

Vous êtes cordialement invités !

International civil servants rally on Monday | Rassemblement des fonctionnaires internationaux lundi

On Monday 17 June 2019, the ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) is organising a rally in the Place des Nations "For a second century of ILO support for progress and social justice".

Through this demonstration, it is the whole international civil service that is put forward. That is why we invite you to join the rally at 13:15 in the Place des Nations.

For more information you can visit the CGAS website.

This rally will take place during the lunch break and should therefore not affect your work hours. As a UN staff member you are free to join this event, which is in support of your staff rights.


14 June women’s strike: events and impact on public services | Grève des femmes le 14 juin : événements et impact sur les services publics

As you may be aware, 14 June will see women across Switzerland going on strike. Key concerns relate to the gender pay gap and harassment in the workplace. More information about this important event can be found here:

In the UN area, the day will start with a gathering at 11 a.m. at the Place des Nations, followed by a picnic at noon in the park in front of ITU. This will be followed by a march to Plainpalais to join the rally (click here for more information).

The City of Geneva will be giving its female staff a day off to participate. As 90 percent of crèche staff are female, most of Geneva’s crèches will be closing for the day, which may impact UN staff. Other public services may also be affected, recognizing the essential but under-recognized role that many women play in our economy.

In this context, we have consulted the Administration and received the following guidance: “Depending on the staff member’s circumstances, teleworking arrangements may be implemented for that day by agreement with the manager where such arrangements are consistent with the nature of the work and the exigencies of service and where productivity and quality of output of work would not be affected. As an alternative, if no childcare arrangements can be made, staff members also have the option to take uncertified sick leave to attend to such a family-related emergency as provided by Staff Rule 6.2.”


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