Vote on 13 and 14 December for the pension fund board

Vote on 13 and 14 December for four staff representatives and two alternates to the board of the pension fund. We encourage all staff who are members of the pension fund to vote by following this link.


Council questions OCHA decision to offshore jobs - against main recommendation of management study

As you may know, OCHA management has decided unilaterally to offshore administrative support posts from Geneva and New York to a third location. This decision will have an impact on staff in Geneva and New York, especially general service colleagues who cannot move with their posts. It is disappointing that OCHA management used the report (available here) to justify their decision, yet ignored its main, well-analysed conclusion, that administrative support should be consolidated in Geneva and New York and not offshored to a third location.


Insecurity in Geneva | Insécurité à Genève

At its meeting on 27 September, the Council will be discussing the issue of insecurity in Geneva. This follows requests from several staff members.

For memory, you will recall that last autumn the Council organized a townhall on this issue at which the Chief of Security of UNOG explained the challenges posed by cross-border crime and the active dialogue in place between UNOG and the national and local authorities. The Council was also invited to a briefing by the local police on a task force that had been created to tackle crime.


Proposal for mobility of locally-recruited staff

We are pleased to share with you a proposal on voluntary mobility for locally-recruited (i.e. GS) staff. The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming staff-management SMC negotiations taking place in Arusha from 13 to 23 June. The aim of this paper is to re-examine career development opportunities for GS personnel.


Counter-proposal of staff on mobility

We are pleased to share with you the counter-proposal of staff on the subject of mobility. It has been approved by every staff union in the UN system and also reflects the outcome of a townhall we organized on the subject in early April and the results of the survey held in January. However, further transitional measures will need to be worked out and will form an integral part of the staff position.


Council members trained to represent you

Members of the UNOG Staff Coordination Council have the possibility to take part in training courses carried out by the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) in the UK. These training courses cover important topics, such as “negotiation & influencing skills” or “leadership skills”, specifically approaching them from a trade union perspective. These mainly two-day courses provide a basis for the discussed subject, reinforced through role plays and case studies. The participants are expected to apply and improve the acquired skills in practice.


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