General Assembly that will affect you, including on retirement

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back from the holidays. We would like to update you on a number of decisions the General Assembly took at the end of last month that will affect you.

The UNOG Staff Coordinating Council worked hard to influence these outcomes, both with other unions at the UN and through the federation of unions to which we belong, CCISUA. As mentioned in earlier communications this involved extensive meetings with delegates, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his team, and the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC). It also involved follow-up communications and the publication of joint positions, statements and online articles. 

We are glad that the General Assembly listened but there is certainly more to do.


Urge the United Nations not to vote against same-sex marriage

This week, the UN General Assembly is set to vote on whether to remove marital benefits from gay and lesbian employees. If passed, the vote will undermine the UN’s work around the world to prevent discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and will penalize the same-sex married partners of UN staff. 

Same-sex married partners will no longer be able to accompany UN staff to their new postings. They will be stripped of essential medical cover. They won’t be compensated if the staff member they're married to is killed in service.


Staff position on UN holidays


Attached documents
Download this file (UNholidays.pdf)UNholidays.pdf

Staff Council promotes staff interests in New York

As you may be aware, one of the challenges we face being in Geneva is that many decisions affecting us are made in New York, either by the General Assembly or by senior management. For this reason we committed ourselves in our work programme to use all forms of staff-management for available to us in order to advance your interests.



Statement at General Assembly on retirement age, salaries

Earlier this week the Coordinating Committee of International Staff Unions and Associations (CCISUA), to which we as UNOG staff belong, intervened at the General Assembly (Fifth Committee) on the following human resources-related matters:

  • the possibility of current staff to be able to choose to retire at 65 as of 2016;
  • the current review of your pay and allowances;
  • the level at which your salary is set; and
  • governance problems at the pension fund


Attached documents
Download this file (SpeechCCISUA5th2014.pdf)SpeechCCISUA5th2014.pdf


Update on problems at the UN pension fund

Firstly thanks to the 13,000 of you who signed the petition supporting our campaign to keep the pension fund in the UN.

The board of the fund supported this approach and asked that staff representatives be included in negotiations for an administrative relationship agreement, to be concluded by 30 September.

As of today, we have not seen a draft of this agreement and regret the culture of secrecy instituted by fund CEO, Sergio Arvizu and his team.


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