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As you may know, the International Civil Service Commission, at the request of certain member states and organizations, is reviewing our salaries, allowances and benefits. Called the compensation review, it is supposed to ensure that our pay remains competitive. In the current political and economic climate, this may increase our pay, but it may also reduce it. This is why we are paying careful attention to every stage of this review.


Support for UN staff from unions, articles and blogs

You will recall that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon derecognized staff unions on 11 July. This means he now refuses to negotiate with staff on safety and security, welfare and conditions of service. This is at a time when staff are being regularly attacked and killed in the field and when management wants to move administrative jobs out of Geneva and to a "service centre". The UN's staff unions are campaigning for Ban Ki-moon to reverse his decision.

In light of this, the Institute of Employment Rights invited to us to a panel event to brief outside trade unions on the current situation. It took place at the annual meeting of the UK's Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Bournemouth, England. The presentation is here.

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UK's Trades Union Congress calls on SG to recognize UN unions

We are not alone. On the eve of its annual conference in Bournemouth, England, the Trades Union Congress, one of Europe's biggest and oldest federations of unions, has called on the Secretary-General to recognize the staff unions of the UN.

In the letter, which you can read here, TUC head Frances O'Grady also expresses concern that the rights of UN staff "were unilaterally withdrawn just days before the terrorist attack on the UN office in Mogadishu, given that the health and safety of employees has been shown to benefit from trade union representation".


United Nations unions appalled at UN's use of mercenaries

UN Unions are today calling on United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to urgently review its use of mercenaries to carry out security and peacekeeping work ahead of the 2013 General Assembly. UN Unions believe this practice is damaging the UN and putting staff at increasing risk, and taking place against the worrying backdrop of an attack on staff employment rights by UN management.


How does your department compare in the award of ePas ratings?

Following a number of requests we are pleased to share with you a graph showing how ePas grades were awarded across different departments of the UN.

We have raised the disparities with New York. However, should you have any concerns, you may also wish to discuss this with your supervisor.


Letter to the Secretary-General: Union rights save UN lives

Unions will deliver a letter to the Secretary-General on Monday 19 August, highlighting the risks threatening front line staff as a result of his unilateral withdrawal from agreed staff-management negotiating forums.

Delivery of the letter, which accuses UN management of putting staff at risk by tearing up union negotiating rights, coincides with the tenth anniversary of the tragic deaths of 15 UN personnel following the bombing of the UN building in Baghdad on 19 August 2003. Since Baghdad there have been a further 555 attacks on staff of which over 200 have resulted in deaths. A further 102 staff died in the Haiti earthquake.


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