Salaries will not be cut

The UN's budget for 2012-2013 was passed on Christmas eve. Thanks in part to a large mobilization by staff, the proposal to cut salaries by 8-10 percent did not make it through. As you will recall in our message of 22 December, the staff unions of the United Nations took a very strong position on this matter backed up by a communication campaign and meetings with member states. We thank you all for supporting that position and showing the world that while staff are dedicated to their work they are also ready to protect their working conditions.


Proposal to cut salaries


As you may be aware, a group of countries has submitted a proposal in the current budget negotiation, due to end on Friday, to introduce cuts to professional salaries of between 8 and 10 percent as of January 2012. We know that faced with rising living costs, staff in Geneva are already living on tight budgets. This proposal is therefore all the more extraordinary given that our comparator, the US civil service has only had a pay freeze and not a pay cut.


Message du Conseil à la mémoire de Jay Wormus

Chère famille, cher(e)s ami(e)s de Jay

Le cataclysme de la disparition d’un être cher s’abat sur une famille, l’incompréhension, l’injustice , la révolte, le hurlement intérieur et la non acceptation sont les sentiments que nous partageons, à des degrés divers, selon la proximité de l’amour, de l’amitié et de l’admiration que nous lui portons.

Ces sentiments sont forts pour Jay, en quelques heures, les messages s’entrecroisaient et se multipliaient sur ces réseaux sociaux qu’il maîtrisait lui même avec tant de brio.


Staff party photos now online

We enjoyed hosting you in such numbers at the staff party on Friday. The photos are now online and can be viewed here.

Heartfelt thanks to the movers, electricians, security agents, musicians, sound and light technicians and caterers who ensured the smooth running of the event.

Please share with us any feedback and photos you may have of the event.

We also take this opportunity to remember Jay Wormus, guitarist in the opening band World Music Project, staff legal defender and former ombudsman, who passed away on Sunday.

Photos from the children's party


It was fantastic see so many of you at Wednesday's children's party (featuring Sonia Grimm) and on behalf of the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council, we hope you and your children enjoyed the show.

The photos are now online and can be viewed here. We would like to thank all those who expressed their appreciation for a very successful event.


2011 Staff party featuring Kassav

We are pleased to announce that this year's staff party, brought to you by the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council, will be headlined by creole music sensation Kassav' (watch their video).

The party, which takes place on Friday 9 December, will also feature the World Music Project (more info), DJs and for the first time ever, an international karaoke lounge.