Propositions de l'Equipe de changement de gestion

Vu aurez pu constater que le rapport de l'Equipe de gestion du changement (Change Management Team) vient de publier son rapport sur iSeek. Cette équipe fut créée par le Secrétaire-général afin de voir comment améliorer l'efficacité, la crédibilité et la qualité du travail de l'organisation. Les représentants du personnel ont agi en tant qu'observateurs à ce processus.


Change management proposals

You may have seen that the report of the Change Management Team has just been published. The CMT was set up by the Secretary-General to find ways to increase the efficiency, credibility and quality of the UN’s work. Staff representatives acted as observers to the work of the team. 


ICTY Staff Union launches programme for vulnerable employees


The Staff Union of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, in cooperation with several European partners, has launched an unprecedented EU Commission project designed to support and educate vulnerable staff members, for example those approaching retirement age, re-entering countries with high unemployment rates, or with particularly specialised sets of skills. The project will be known by its acronym, SNOVE (Supporting the Needs of Vulnerable Employees).


Council presents proposal for a crèche

Today the Council presented a proposal to staff for a creche within UNOG grounds. The proposal was prepared by a group of Council members with assistance from members of administration. Participants were informed on the structure of the crechè, how it would function, staffing, building needs, possible locations and timelines.

Attached documents
Download this file (Proposal for a crèche.ppt)Proposal for a crèche.ppt


Positive developments with the education grant

As you may know the Swiss cantons recently harmonized their education practices. Under a system called Harmos all children residing in the Canton of Geneva who reach the age of four by 31 July are required to enroll in primary school the following August.


Salaries will not be cut

The UN's budget for 2012-2013 was passed on Christmas eve. Thanks in part to a large mobilization by staff, the proposal to cut salaries by 8-10 percent did not make it through. As you will recall in our message of 22 December, the staff unions of the United Nations took a very strong position on this matter backed up by a communication campaign and meetings with member states. We thank you all for supporting that position and showing the world that while staff are dedicated to their work they are also ready to protect their working conditions.