Our meeting with the Secretary-General


Following the townhall on Monday 17 October, the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council met privately with the Secretary-General to discuss his proposals for reforming the United Nations.



Staff talent show

We know the UN's got talent and this year we're out to prove it.

For that reason, the 2011 staff party, which takes place on Friday 9 December, will feature a staff talent show.

You will have three minutes to dazzle your colleagues with your artistic brilliance by showcasing a talent, alone or as a group, in dancing, singing, playing an instrument, performing magic tricks, tying up balloons, telling jokes or any other form of entertainment.



Change management at the UN

Earlier this year the Secretary-General established the Change Management Team and tasked it to "challenge barriers and push for improved effectiveness and coherence" in the Secretariat.

Concretely, this team will look at how the organization can undertake reforms in programme effectiveness, human resources, information and communication technology, procurement and common services, innovation in the business process, and engagement with the Member States.



Staff survey on the retirement age and related pension issues

The United Nations and the specialized agencies are considering whether to change the age at which you will have to retire, as well as other matters, such as how to reduce the effect of currency fluctuations on your pension.

We feel it is important that they consider your views. To this end, we would be grateful if you could complete this short survey. Its results will feed into our position paper.

Update on UN budget cuts

As the Coordinating Council brought to your attention back in March, the Secretary-General asked heads of department to reduce their budget proposals for the 2012-2013 biennium.

As you will see in these memos, the consolidated proposal for the regular budget of the whole UN has been put to Member States and will "entail a net reduction of 44 posts... with a proposed abolition of 147 posts, the addition of 63 new posts and 40 conversions. While there will be 23 more posts in the professional categories, there will be 67 fewer posts in the General Service and related categories."



Lively discussions at staff townhall on mobility

The staff townhall on mobility, organized on 31 May in response to a draft staff-management proposal, turned out to be lively and informative.

During the session, a number of staff provided testimonies on how they had moved around the system or had attempted to do so and what the benefits and costs of these had been.